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Vincent Haddelsey (1934 – 29 August 2010) was an English painter.[1]


Haddelsey was born in Grimsby, England.[2] He came from a family of lawyers: his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all worked in the legal profession. His two grandmothers were gifted painters.

Haddelsey went to school in Ampleforth in Yorkshire, England, but taught himself most of his art.

In his work, he focuses in particular on landscapes and horses.

In 1965 Haddelsey travelled to Mexico, where he intended to paint members of the Charros tribe. He took part in a rodeo and was as a result invited to become the member of a Mexican association of elite horsemen

In 1969 he won the Great Prize of Lugano for his naive art.

In 1980, Vincent Haddelsey went on a journey to Inner Mongolia, where he studied and painted the Mongolian Pony. Various paintings resulted from this trip.

Haddelsey died on 29 August 2010 in Paris.[1]

Works by Haddelsey[edit]


  • Gstaad
  • Village of the Fourth Banner, Inner Mongolia (1980 or later)
  • Herding Cattle, Inner Mongolia (1980 or later)


  • Vincent Haddelsey (with Caroline Silver), Haddelsey's Horses: The Paintings of Vincent Haddelsey, Jonathon Cape, London 1978

Further reading[edit]

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