Vincenzo Sinatra

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Palazzo Ducezio, Noto by Vicenzo Sinatra
The "Loggiato" in Santa Maria Maggiore in Ispica

Vincenzo Sinatra (1720, Noto – 1765) was a Sicilian architect. He was a pupil of Rosario Gagliardi. Sinatra worked in both the Baroque style and later in Neo-Classical style.

Following the 1693 earthquake, the city of Noto was completely rebuilt on a new site. Sinatra was responsible for many of the new buildings in the new city. His works in the city included the "Church of Monte Vergine", the "Church of S. Giovanni Battista" and the "Basilica di S. Maria Maggiore" and its Loggiato in Ispica. One of his most notable works was the Palazzo Ducezio (now the town hall known as the Municipio) which was begun in 1746.

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