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Vine Hall was an academic hall of the University of Oxford, located on Alfred Street in the 16th century. It became a part of the Peckwater Quadrangle of Christ Church, Oxford. The building gave its name to the previous name for Alfred Street, particularly the southwards continuation of it; Vine Hall Lane. Some have said that the current name Alfred Street is of unknown aetiology and pointless,[1] and the street should be renamed Vine Hall Lane. It was previously known as St Edward's Lane, but the name Vine Hall Lane was in use by 1576.[2]

Vine Hall, together with Peckwater's Inn and the smaller and older Brid Hall and Maiden Hall were given to Christ Church by King Henry VIII in 1547.[3][4] It once housed a famous grammar school where John Leland taught.[5]

It was a hall of civil lawyers in the 16th century.[6]


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