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Virginia Transformer Corp
Industry Energy Utilities & Services
Founded 1971
Headquarters 220 Glade View Drive, Roanoke, Virginia 24012, USA
Key people
Prabhat K. Jain, President, Virginia Transformer Corporation

Virginia Transformer Corp is the 4th largest power transformer manufacturer in North America. The company supplies custom-made transformers to Power generating and distributing companies, heavy industries and other businesses. The company has 3 manufacturing facilities in North America. The Product range covers a wide range, from larger distribution transformers to large power transformers, rectifier and drive-duty transformers, and special transformers for a wide array of applications. The VTC team has designed transformers to perform at 14,000 feet (4,300 m) in the mines of Chile's mountains and for the New York City Subway system. However, it also designs generator and substation applications.

Company history[edit]

Virginia Transformer Corp was established and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1971 to supply Power Transformers to the underground mining industry in the nearby Appalachian Mountains. Low profile construction, tough environmental conditions, and other non-standard specifications required for both Dry-type and Liquid-filled Power Transformers in this application started VTC down the road of custom transformer designs and manufacturing.

During the 70's, customer base and product scope became more diversified, adding rectifier duty transformers and reactors for adjustable frequency drive and NEMA R19 extra heavy duty traction applications. Most major urban transit systems today employ transformers built by Virginia Transformer Corp.[citation needed] Later in this decade, VTC also established a predominate reputation[clarification needed] for retrofitting the PCB market.[citation needed]

Beginning in the 80's, its current President took the helm at Virginia Transformer Corp and the product range was further expanded to include Industrial and Commercial Power Transformers for distribution applications, including those with automatic load tap changing requirements, and trademarked fully encapsulated coil UNICLAD transformer. This decade saw the beginnings of the 10% - 30% annual growth of VTC, which has been further exceeded in recent years with a continuation of product line expansion into the larger voltage class II sizes of Power Transformers.

The 90's witnessed entry into the demanding Utility market, as customers sought to find additional suppliers for their requirements of high quality and lower cost units. During this decade VTC moved to a new facility and its current corporate headquarters – a 120,000-square-foot (11,000 m2) custom designed facility for modern transformer manufacturing. Virginia Transformer Corp further expanded by adding a second custom manufacturing facility in Chihuahua, Mexico. This modern 60,000-square-foot (5,600 m2) operation, designed from the ground up as a transformer plant, has been ISO certified from the beginning.[citation needed]

During the 21st century, Virginia Transformer Corporation continued to grow, acquiring the U S Transformer West facility in Pocatello, Idaho. In addition to this facility building new Medium Voltage class Power Transformers, currently up to 100MVA top rated at 161kV, they also provide reconditioning and repair services to both Utility and Industrial clients. Today, VTC provides individualized solutions and custom designs with Dry-type and Liquid-filled transformers from its three manufacturing facilities in North America. All major components, core and coil assemblies, tanks, etc. are produced on-site with complete testing capabilities up to 950BIL for the complete range of Power Transformers – 300KVA to 300MVA, 230kV class for Utility, Industrial, Commercial, and Export markets.

Key people[edit]

Prabhat Jain - President / CEO

Matthew Gregg - Vice President Operations (Roanoke & Pocatello Plants)

Subhas Sarkar - Technical Manager Development (Retired & part time consultant)

Steve Nelson - Chief Financial Officer

Mudassar Mohsin - Corporate Head of Human Resources

Rakesh Rathi - VP Engineering & Materials


Roanoke, Virginia (Corporate Office & Manufacturing Plant)

Troutville, Virginia (Manufacturing - Metal Fab Plant)

Pocatello, Idaho (Manufacturing Plant)

Rincon, Georgia (Manufacturing Plant)

Chihuahua, Mexico (Manufacturing Plant)

Delhi, India (Design, IT and Procurement Support Center)


Liquid Filled

Automatic Load Tap Changing

Voltage Regulators

Dry Type


Repair and Refurbishment

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