Visis Cabá

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Visis Cabá biosphere reserve (B'isis Kab'a')
Biósfera Ixil
Country Guatemala
Region El Quiché
Municipality Chajul
Coordinates 15°34′26″N 90°59′46″W / 15.574°N 90.996°W / 15.574; -90.996Coordinates: 15°34′26″N 90°59′46″W / 15.574°N 90.996°W / 15.574; -90.996 [1]
Area 450 km2 (174 sq mi)
Date 1997
Management CONAP

The Visis Cabá biosphere reserve is a 450 km2 (170 sq mi) protected area in the department of El Quiché.[2] It is also known as Biósfera Ixil, and is located in the North of the municipality of Chajul, on the communal lands of the Ixil communities.[3]

The creation of the Visis Cabá biosphere reserve has gone through a long and complex process of negotiations between the Ixil communities, government institutions, and the communities of civil-war refugees (CPR) living in that area.[4]


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