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Publication information
Publisher Big Bang Comics
First appearance Big Bang Comics #1
Created by Gary Carlson and Mark Lewis
In-story information
Alter ego Will Wheeler
Abilities Super strength, speed and constitution via Panacea Pills

Vita-Man is a fictional superhero published by Big Bang Comics. He first appears in Big Bang Comics #1, and was created by Gary Carlson and Mark Lewis. He is based on Hourman.

Publication history[edit]

Vita-Man first appears on the back cover of Big Bang #0 starring in the fictional Red Hot Comics #14. After numerous reader requests to see Vita-Man in action, he finally gets his own story in Big Bang Comics #27.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Vita-Man is research scientist Will Wheeler, who discovered a new vitamin that gave him superpowers, which he named "Panacea Pills", the name given to the vitamins after his father created them. With this, he became the superhero Vita-Man (a play on the word vitamin), and later joined the Knights of Justice alongside Ultiman, Venus and Dr. Stellar.

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • The three Panacea Pills that give Vita-Man his powers empower him with super strength, constitution and speed.

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