Vitaly Solomin

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Vitaly Solomin
Vitaly Mefodievich Solomin.jpg
Born(1941-12-12)12 December 1941
Died27 May 2002(2002-05-27) (aged 60)
Moscow, Russia
Occupation(s)Actor, theatre director
Years active1960–2002

Vitaly Mefodievich Solomin (Russian: Виталий Мефодьевич Соломин; 12 December 1941 – 27 May 2002)[1][2] was a Soviet and Russian actor, director and screenwriter, best remembered for playing Dr. Watson in a series of Sherlock Holmes adaptations for Soviet television.[3] He was the younger brother of Yury Solomin.


Vitaly Solomin was born in 1941 in Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai, Soviet Union, to a family of professional musicians.[4] From childhood he was fascinated by music and learned to play the piano. On leaving school he went to Moscow and in 1959 he entered Shchepkin's drama school. He studied in the class of Nikolay Annenkov.

While a student, Vitaly rehearsed and performed at the Maly Theatre. After finishing the school he became an actor at this theater.

In the 1960s Vitaly Solomin began to appear in films. He debuted in 1963 in 1 Newton street. His first big role was as Kirill in the 1966 film Elder sister.

Vitaly Solomin shot to fame after playing the leading role as Cossack Roman in the epic film Dauria (1971) where he worked with his brother Yury Solomin and other Russian stars, such as Yefim Kopelyan, Viktor Pavlov and Vasily Shukshin.[5]

During the 1980s his performances in films directed by Igor Maslennikov were especially successful. Most famous of these was his role as Dr. Watson in a series of films about Sherlock Holmes (1979—1986). In 1982 Maslennikov invited him to play the role of Count Tomsky in The Queen of Spades, an adaptation of Alexander Pushkin's story. His work in the film series Winter Cherry was very successful.

From 1 September 1986 to September 1989 Solomin worked in the Mossovet Theatre. There he acted in a play based on Viktor Astafyev's Sad Detective. In 1991 he returned to the Maly Theatre and staged Alexander Ostrovsky's Savage, playing the role of Ashmetiev.

Solomin wrote the screenplay for and directed the 1994 film The Hunt.

On 4 November 1974, he received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and on 3 February 1992 of People's Artist of the RSFSR. In April 2002, Vitaly Solomin suffered a stroke which proved to be fatal; he died on 27 May 2002 and is interred in Vagankovo Cemetery.

Private life[edit]

Vitaly Solomin's first wife was the actress Natalia Rudnaya. The marriage soon fell apart. On October 28, 1970, he married the actress Maria Solomina (née Leonidova). In 1974 they had a daughter Anastasia, and in May 1984 a daughter Yelizaveta.


Year English Title Original Title Role Notes
1964 The Chairman Председатель Valyozhin, surgeon
1965 Beloved Любимая Volodya Levadov
I Am Twenty Мне двадцать лет Uncredited
1966 Women Женщины Zhenya Bednov
1967 Older Sister Старшая сестра Kirill
Tough Nut Крепкий орешек Lieutenant Ivan Groznykh
The Kingdom of Women Бабье царство Kostya Lubentsov
1969 To the New Shores К новым берегам Modest Mussorgsky TV movie
1971 Hail, Mary! Салют, Мария! Seva Chudreev
1972 Dauria Даурия Roman Ulybin
Here's My Village Вот моя деревня Dmitri Nikolaevich, school principal mini-series
1979 Die Fledermaus Летучая мышь Falke TV movie
Siberiade Сибириада Nikolai Ustyuzhanin
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон Dr. Watson 2 episodes
1980 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона Dr. Watson 3 episodes
1981 The Hound of the Baskervilles Собака Баскервилей Dr. Watson TV movie
1982 The Queen of Spades Пиковая дама Count Tomsky
1983 The Treasures of Agra Сокровища Агры Dr. Watson 2 episodes
1984 Return from Orbit Возвращение с орбиты Vyacheslav Mukhin
1985 Winter Cherry Зимняя вишня Vadim Dashkov
1987 The Twentieth Century Approaches Двадцатый век начинается Dr. Watson 2 episodes
1990 Winter Cherry 2 Зимняя вишня 2 Vadim Dashkov
1992 Dreams of Russia Сны о России Alexander Bezborodko
1993 Uncle Vanya Дядя Ваня Mikhail Lvovich Astrov
1995 Winter Cherry 3 Зимняя вишня 3 Vadim Dashkov
2001 Request Stop Остановка по требованию Investigator Itcenko TV series
2003 All or Nothing Пан или пропал Leszek Krzyżanowski TV series
Casus belli Казус белли Mikhail final film role


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