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The Vitiligo Research Foundation (VRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the human skin disease, vitiligo.[1]

Main initiatives[edit]

Initiatives established or supported by the VRF include a Vitiligo BioBank and CloudBank, sponsorship of World Vitiligo Day, a World Vitiligo Map of vitiligo research centers, patient support groups, and related healthcare providers, and an initiative to facilitate crowdfunding of small related research efforts.[citation needed]

History, governance, and funding[edit]

The Vitiligo Research Foundation was founded in 2010 by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Aksenov, whose daughter suffers from vitiligo, after he concluded that there was a lack of research into the disease.[1] It is managed by a small team of permanent staff,[citation needed] and led by a Board of Directors (Torello Lotti, Professor, Dermatology Division, Marconi University, chair).[2] A Scientific Advisory Board advises on scientific issues.[citation needed] The VRF's Public Advisory Board advises the Foundation on aspects of living with vitiligo and how best to support those affected by the condition;[citation needed] it includes members such as reporter and author Lee Thomas.[citation needed] The VRF is entirely reliant on public donations, and receives no funding from governments or the pharmaceutical industry.[citation needed]


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