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Vivencia were an acoustic rock band[1][2] who gained popularity in the wake of the Acusticazo[clarification needed] that sent Argentine acoustic rock to the top of the movement in 1972.

Their studio LP was 1972's Vida y Vida de Sebastián, an acoustic rock-opera which despite their good intentions was not a consistent work.[clarification needed]

In their second full-length Vivencia shifted completely towards the acoustic rock style that was at its height in Argentina in 1973 (Sui Generis, Pastoral, Pedro y Pablo). Mi Cuarto with its similarly titled track turned into a hit for the band, and the song is now a classic of Acoustic rock. The rest of the album wasn't as strong, but nonetheless it would become an important acoustic record.

By then the landscape of Argentine rock was way past acoustic rock, and the album did not do well. The self-titled Vivencia came out in 1978 and is a slightly improved effort, but only a necessary release for die-hard acoustic rock fans, then and now.


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