Vivid (KM-MARKIT album)

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Studio album by KM-MARKIT
Released April 20, 2005
Recorded 2004-2005
Genre R&B, Hip hop, rap
Label Pony Canyon
KM-MARKIT chronology
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Vivid (stylized as VIVID) is the debut studio album by Japanese hip-hop/rap artist Daisuke "KM-MARKIT" Kawai. The album failed to chart on Oricon, despite featuring an array of popular artists, including ZEEBRA, Koda Kumi, Miliyah Kato and UZI among others.[1]

The album was only released as a CD; however, when placed into a DVD player, the viewer could access the only music video on the album: Rainy Day, which featured R&B artist Koda Kumi.


Vivid (stylized as VIVID) is rapper KM-MARKIT's debut studio album released under the Pony Canyon label. Prior to releasing his solo album, in 1998 he was part of the Japanese hip-hop group Urbarian Gym (UBG), which was founded by famous rapper ZEEBRA.[2] The album failed to chart on Oricon and Recochoku, despite being released during several other UBG artists' solo works.

The album was released only as a CD, never carrying a corresponding DVD. However, when placed into a DVD player, viewers could access the music video for "Rainy Day" (stylized as RAINY DAY), which featured singer-songwriter Koda Kumi.[3] KM-MARKIT had collaborated with Kumi prior for her song "Hot Stuff," which was released a week prior to Vivid.[4]

Many of the artists featured on the album were his fellow members in UBG, including ZEEBRA, UZI and OJ FLOW.

Track listing[edit]



  1. "Intro"
  2. "Mr.Aabarian" (Mr.アーバリアン)
  3. "Dirty Talk"
  4. "Oudou" (王道 / Royal Road)
  5. "You're My..."
  6. "Do the Grind"
  7. "Sunshine feat. Miliyah Kato"
  8. "Snatch feat. OJ FLOW & Typewriter"
  9. "Mirai e no Kagi ~The Key~ feat. SPHERE of INFLUENCE" (未来への鍵 / Key to the Future)
  10. "Tokai no Yaban Hitofito feat. ZEEBRA, UZI, OJ & ST" (都会の野蛮人 / City of Barbarians)
  11. "U.B.Party"
  12. "Memory Lane"
  13. "Rainy Day" feat. Koda Kumi
  14. "Inner City Blues" (Bonus Track)
  15. "Rainy Day" feat. Koda Kumi" (music video)


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