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Vladas Jonas Jakubėnas (Biržai, 1904-Chicago, 1976) was a Lithuanian composer, pianist, musicologist and journalist.[1][2][3]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Chamber Music: Kasparas Uinskas, Rusne Mataityte, Edmundas Kulikauskas, Albina Siksniute, Vilnius String Quartet, St Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Donatas Katkus Toccata Classics 2011


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  2. ^ Daiva Markelis - White Field, Black Sheep: A Lithuanian-American Life Page 61 2010 "And she adored our piano teacher, Vladas Jakubėnas. When he appeared Saturday afternoons with his bottle-thick glasses, Nika would orbit the living room in little circles of rapture. Nika was not the only creature who venerated Jakubėnas."
  3. ^ Universitatis Jagellonica Cracoviensis acta scientiarum Page 371 Uniwersytet Jagielloński - 1982 "The discussions, however, were usually going on in closed circles, and nothing but rumours reached the outside world. A characteristic statement on the problem was made by the musicologist and journalist Vladas Jakubenas, a supporter of the sterner" policy; namely, on 19 November he raised the objection that the prevailing number of our high-ranking and respected personalities would.."