Vladimír Novák (painter)

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Vladimír Novák

Vladimír Novák (born April 30, 1947) is a Czech painter.


Novák was born in Louny, Czech Republic and studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of the art group 12/15: Better Late Than Never. He lives in Prague and Milan, and is married to Italian writer Serena Vitale.


Novak is from a generation of artists who began studying at art schools in the liberal atmosphere of the end of the 1960s, but which fully emerged on the art scene in about the mid-1970s, during the Normalization period, during which Czech artists were prevented from making contact with the foreign art world.[citation needed]

In about the mid-Eighties, Novak's paintings became more radical, moving from tranquil and reflective works to aggressive, colourful expressions of concentrated emotion, coinciding with the emergence of a new wave in the Czech art.[citation needed]


Vladimir Novak has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions. The most famous were the exhibitions "Man in the Wind" at the Ball-Game Hall in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle in 1999 and "Quasiretro" at the Manes Art Gallery in Prague in 2005.

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