Roman road (Nord)

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For other uses, see D52.
Voie romaine viewed from Cassel

There are 7 Roman roads (Voie romaine) in the Nord département in France.

Départementale 52[edit]

The Steen-straete, also called départementale 52 (RD52 or D52), is a road between Cassel and the sea. It was at a time a Roman road, north-south direction extending from Boëseghem, passing by Cassel to the sea. Now it is leading to Dunkirk. This road could have preceded the Romans.[1]

It forms the villages limit between Ledringhem and Arnèke, between Zegerscappel and Esquelbecq and between Pitgam-Steene and Crochte.

Départementale 238[edit]

From Boëseghem to Cassel, the section is now départementale (RD 238 or D238).

Communauté de communes de la Voie romaine[edit]

There is a Communauté de communes in Nord département called Communauté de communes de la Voie romaine, gathering the villages of Boëseghem, Morbecque, Steenbecque and Thiennes.