Voivodeship road 835 (Poland)

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Voivodeship Road 835
Droga wojewódzka nr 835
Regions: Lublin Voivodeship, Subcarpathian Voivodeship
Major cities: Lublin, Biłgoraj, Przeworsk
Highway system

Voivodeship roads

DW 834 DW 836

Voivodeship road 835 (Polish: droga wojewódzka nr 835) in Poland is a voivodeship road linking Lublin with Biłgoraj, Przemyśl, and Sanok. It is one of the main highways in Lublin province. It is currently the longest provincial road in Polish, with a length of about 220 km (140 mi).

The road is included in the heavy traffic on sections of Lublin – Piotrków and Tarnawa MałaFrampol has hardened shoulders. Almost the entire length, except for the initial segment in Lublin (Kunicki Street) has one lane in each direction.

The Voivodeship road 835 in Frampol.
The Voivodeship road 835 in Czerniejów.

Cities and towns lying along the route[edit]

Coordinates: 50°40′59″N 22°40′42″E / 50.683080°N 22.678413°E / 50.683080; 22.678413