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Volax (Greek: Βώλαξ) or Volakas is a small village on the island of Tinos, in the Cyclades, Greece. The population was 51 at the 2011 census.[1]

Volax, Tinos island, Greece [postcard 1907]

Its unique surrounding of big round rocks gives the whole landscape a lunar appearance. It was established in the 14th-century or older.[2] It lies on a little plateau in the centre of Tinos in an average altimeter of 284m above sea level. It rests in a gorge that looks as if it has been pelted with boulders. Large, almost perfectly round grey rocks dot the plateau and slopes around Volax, creating a quite stunning sight and unique geological phenomenon. The big round rocks of plutonic origin that encircle it, create an appearance that seduces the tourists with its peculiarity.

Volax. Landscape

Many houses are built above these rocks and near each other according to the rules of the traditional Cycladic architecture. It has always been a home of basket knitters. Among the oldest villages of the island, was officially registered under the name Volacus in the 1618 State documents of the former Venice administration.[3] Today it is a tourists’ destination. In Easter period athletes from all over the world gather to exercise in the rocks (bouldering).[4] In the spring also, it is a lovely destination for many paintball sport teams. But essentially, it is and it has always been a place where groups of travelers come to discover its old paths and unique morphology.

A part of its alternative places to see are also a small Folklore Museum which is opened to the crowd during the summer period and a 380-seat amphitheatre where many musical and theatrical performances take place. Volax celebrates twice a year: 1) in Easter time when a local festival takes place in the nearby chapel of "Panagia Kalaman" and 2) in 8 September where the village praises and honors Blessed Virgin Mary’s birth.


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Coordinates: 37°35′32″N 25°10′40″E / 37.59222°N 25.17778°E / 37.59222; 25.17778