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Volkan Gucer is a music composer, producer, performer of dilli kaval (Turkish wooden flutes), Irish whistle, etc.

With a professional career that spans more than 14 years, he has written and produced music for 40 TV series and films, as well as numerous documentaries and commercial jingles. He is best known for the songs; "Amerikali", "Gölge Çiçegi" and "Gözlerinde Son Gece" that he composed for the movies with the same titles (Lyrics by Aysel Gürel). His Library CD's, A Kanun Journey Through Turkiye and Vocal Manoeuvers, catalogue many of his most exceptional works and have been distributed throughout Europe and Asia.

He is a founding member of the Composers, Authors and Publishers Rights Organisation of Turkey, MSG.

Along with his latest interest in the wooden flutes, he produced Dreamin' Istanbul of "Burak Demir", "Hancer" & Paslanmaz of "Burak Aziz" and "Koku" of Beyza Durmaz.

He had guest appearances in the concerts of Italian Milagro Acustico Ensemble in Rome and Istanbul.

Along with being the producer of the album, he also performed in the concert of Burak Demir's Dreamin' Istanbul Project.

His compositions over the lyrics of Gülbahar Kültür released under the title of "Bi Kerecik" in Made in Turkey V4 in Germany.

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