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Volunteer Railroaders Association (aka VRA) is a New Jersey-based non-profit group of volunteers. The VRA runs fund-raising train rides for children in NJ. They operate and own six motor cars. One, is a rare Lehigh & New England Railroad Sheffield Corporation model 40B.

The VRA members operate motor cars trips. The children's events are fundraiser are to benefit the creation of the NJ State Transportation Museum and other railroad related preservation activities. The VRA is a member of the NJ-based United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, aka URHS of NJ. Many local (NJ) chapters of the National Railway Historical Society are also members of the URHS of NJ.

The VRA has quarterly meetings at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of the month (February, May, August and November). Meetings are held at the St. Clements Church in Hawthorne, New Jersey.


In the beginning this group had the honor of being the exclusive volunteer group for the Susquehanna 142 steam program in New Jersey in 1993 and were known as the Susquehanna Volunteer Association. When the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway moved the program to New York this group was left with nothing to do. So the group decided to run passenger trains for the enjoyment of the public and to raise funds for local historic railroad related items. Since that time the group has run many trips carrying thousands of people. In 1997 the group changed its name to what it is today. This change was to better reflect what they are all about. [1]

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