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Jillian Iva
Lay Lay

Von Iva is an all-girl electro soul-punk group out of San Francisco. Formerly a quartet, they are now a trio.


  • Jillian Iva Meador [1]- vocals
  • Bex (Rebecca Kupersmith) - keyboards
  • Lay Lay (Kelly Harris) - drums

Former members[edit]



  • Von Iva - enhanced EP Cochon Records (2004)
  • Our Own Island - enhanced LP Ruby Tower Records (2007)
  • Girls on Film - enhanced EP Von Iva Music (2008)



The band was part of the "Hell on Heels Tour" and appeared live at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California March 11, 2009.


The band performs in the 6th and final episode of the surfing lesbian reality series Curl Girls.

Yes Man[edit]

The band appeared in the film Yes Man as Munchausen by Proxy, the band backing the character played by actress Zooey Deschanel; they recorded four songs for the film's soundtrack.[2] The songs were: Uh-Huh, Yes Man, Sweet Ballad, and Keystar. The band got the part of the fictional ensemble in the film after the movie's music supervisor, Jonathan Karp, saw the cover of their CD in Amoeba Music in Hollywood.[3]

Post-Von Iva[edit]

While they haven't officially broken up, it has been a long time since the band have performed or released any new music.


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