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Coordinates: 52°9′15″N 4°43′10″E / 52.15417°N 4.71944°E / 52.15417; 4.71944 Vrijhoeven (also Vrijenhoeven or De Vrijen Hoef[1]) is a former hamlet and former municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is located about 2 km south of the village of Ter Aar.

According to historian Abraham Jacob van der Aa, Vrijhoeven was a part of the heerlijkheid (manorial fief) of Aarlanderveen in the middle of the sixteenth century. In 1625 it became a separate jurisdiction. A gallows was located here, close to one of the mills of Aarlanderveen, which was named "Galgmolen" (Gallows mill).[2]

When the municipal system was introduced in the Netherlands in 1812, Vrijhoeven became a part of the municipality of Ter Aar, but in 1817, Vrijhoeven became a separate municipality again. The municipality was very small: its area was 0.77 km². It consisted of the area between the Schoutenvaart and the current Korteraarseweg in Aarlanderveen. There were only five houses, and the population consisted of 40 people, mostly farmers.[2]

The municipality existed between 1817 and 1841, when it became part of Ter Aar again.[1] In 1997 Vrijhoeven was still mentioned as a hamlet in the municipality of Ter Aar,[3] but it is no longer shown on more recent topographical maps.[4]


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