Władysław Santarius

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Władysław Santarius
Born (1915-11-12)November 12, 1915
Stonava, Austrian Silesia
Died June 5, 1989(1989-06-05) (aged 73)
Havířov, Czechoslovakia
Citizenship Czechoslovak
Occupation Lutheran pastor

Władysław Santarius (also known as Vladislav Santarius) (12 November 1915 in Stonava, Austrian Silesia – 5 June 1989 in Havířov, Czechoslovakia) was a Polish Lutheran Evangelical pastor, one of the most significant Christian leaders in Czechoslovakia during the Communist era. He was leader of revivalist movement in Cieszyn Silesia and because of it he was persecuted (but never jailed).

Detail of Santarius memorial in Třanovice.

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