WCAT Radio Tower

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WCAT Radio Tower
The left most tower is the tallest tower.
General information
Type Radio Tower
Location Burlington, Vermont
Address Intervale Road
Town or city Burlington, Vermont
Country United States
Coordinates 44°29′47″N 073°12′49″W / 44.49639°N 73.21361°W / 44.49639; -73.21361
Elevation 31.4 metres (103 ft)
Completed 1981
Owner Silverbow Communications Inc.
Height 135.7 metres (445 ft)

The WCAT Radio Tower, at 135.7 metres (445 ft),[1] is the tallest man-made structure in Vermont. It is located in Burlington, Vermont. It broadcasts at 5000 Watts. WCAT is the only radio station that has a radio tower within the city limits of Burlington.[2] There is a second 109.0 metres (357.6 ft)[3] tower, also built in 1981, which is a directional aerial beside the WKDR Radio Tower.[4] There is also a third tower on the site,[5] which is 81.0 metres (265.7 ft) tall.[6]

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