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WGNS Recordings releases music recorded by WGNS Studios.


WGNS was initially started in the early 1980s as a cassette label. Initial recordings were mastered to a cassette and then dubbed from the master to cassettes which were numbered and sold. The releases typically included a ziploc bag containing artwork and lyric sheets.

In 1984 the first vinyl release, the Bloody Mannequin Orchestra's Roadmap to Revolution LP, a 12" 33⅓ rpm record was released.

WGNS was responsible for the rise of great artists such as Ennui and Dave Grohl. In May 1992, Ennui recorded with a WGNS studio located in Arlington, Virginia. The album was to make a statement to Slamdek Records in Louisville for labeling the artists as outsiders, instead of the next generation. In the summer of 1991, Dave Grohl gave his indie feed under the demo titled, Pocketwatch (album), using the pseudonym Late! The cassette was recorded with WGNS and released in 1992, under the label Simple Machines.[1]


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  • Simply Suberbe
  • Gots No Station Compilation
  • Streetlights in the Dark
  • The Candy's Not Poisoned
  • Roadmap to Revolution
  • WGNS/Metrozine Compilation
  • The Halloween Cassette

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