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WGNS Recordings releases music recorded by WGNS Studios.


WGNS was initially started by Gray Matter's Geoff Turner in Maryland in the early 1980s as a cassette label.[1] WGNS stood for "We Gots No Station."[2] Initial recordings were mastered to a cassette and then dubbed from the master to cassettes which were numbered and sold. The releases typically included a ziploc bag containing artwork and lyric sheets.[citation needed] As time went on, Turner built WGNS Studios as a basement recording studio for local musicians.[2] The studio moved many times, with locations in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.[1][3]

In 1984 the first vinyl release, the Bloody Mannequin Orchestra's Roadmap to Revolution LP, a 12" 33⅓ rpm record was released.

WGNS was responsible for the rise of great artists such as Ennui and Dave Grohl.[citation needed] In the summer of 1991, Scream drummer Grohl went into WGNS Studios and recorded four songs, playing all the instruments himself.[2] A tape of the songs, given by Grohl to Simple Machines co-founder Jenny Toomey, became a candidate for the label's Tool Cassette Series.[4] Simple Machines released the songs on the Pocketwatch (album) using Grohl's pseudonym Late! in summer 1992.[2] In May 1992, Ennui recorded at the WGNS studio located in Arlington, Virginia.[5] Grohl recorded again at WGNS Studios in 1996, when it was back in Washington, DC.[1][6]


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  • Simply Suberbe
  • Gots No Station Compilation
  • Streetlights in the Dark
  • The Candy's Not Poisoned
  • Roadmap to Revolution
  • WGNS/Metrozine Compilation
  • The Halloween Cassette

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