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Developer(s) Ipswitch, Inc.
Initial release 1993
Stable release 12.3
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
License Shareware
Website WS_FTP Site

WS_FTP is the brand name for an FTP client and FTP server from the American company Ipswitch, Inc., currently for the Windows operating system.[1][2] Formerly available as one of the oldest Shareware FTP clients available,[3] WS_FTP is no longer advertised as shareware.[4] However, Ipswitch, Inc. does provide a 30-day trial of WS_FTP Professional. WS_FTP was originally developed in 1993 by John A. Junod, who sold the marketing rights to Ipswitch in 1996 and worked there as CTO until 2003.[5] The GUI of WS_FTP has been considered something of a "classic"; It has two panes: the left pane is the local computer and the right pane is the remote host. The program has a reputation as a useful program wrapped in plain interface.[6][7][8][9]

WS_FTP stands for WinSock File Transfer Protocol.

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