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Waddamana is located in Tasmania
Coordinates 42°07′S 146°44′E / 42.117°S 146.733°E / -42.117; 146.733Coordinates: 42°07′S 146°44′E / 42.117°S 146.733°E / -42.117; 146.733
Postcode(s) 7030
LGA(s) Central Highlands Council
State electorate(s) Lyons
Federal Division(s) Lyons

Waddamana is a former 'hydro-town' in Tasmania. It is at the foot of the southern side of the Central Plateau of Tasmania.

It flourished with a population of over 100 in the early 1900s when the power plant situated there was being built.[1] Waddamana Post Office opened on 18 August 1913 and closed in 1971.[2] Its current permanent population stands at four or five.

It consists of two decommissioned hydro-electric power stations (see Waddamana power stations), one of which is a museum, and several cottages, most of which are only used by guests. Schools often take their students to Waddamana for camps. It has gained a reputation for its harsh weather - it often snows and icing was a problem when the hydro plants were still in use.[3]

The Tasmanian Aboriginal name waddamana means 'noisy water'.


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