Wadi Shis (wadi)

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Wadi Shis is a wadi in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The waterway is dammed by the Ar Rufaysah Dam and passes through the mountain village of Shis, a settlement unusual in that it forms part of an exclave of Sharjah that is an enclave within an exclave of Oman.[1]

Wadi Shis

وادي شي
Wadi Shis is located in United Arab Emirates
Wadi Shis
Wadi Shis
Coordinates: 25°21′0″N 56°19′0″E / 25.35000°N 56.31667°E / 25.35000; 56.31667Coordinates: 25°21′0″N 56°19′0″E / 25.35000°N 56.31667°E / 25.35000; 56.31667
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
76 m (252 ft)

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