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Wadworth's Brewery front facade, Devizes

Wadworth is a regional brewery founded in 1875 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England. They are particularly famous for their 6X beer, but also are a major brewery in the South of England.


Wadworth & Co. was founded in 1875 when Henry Wadworth purchased the old Northgate Brewery in Devizes. It was not long before they exceeded their capacity at the Northgate Brewery and in 1885 they moved premises to a new facility close to their original site. Since then, the brewer has been a major influence [1] on the economy of Devizes and a major provider of ale in the south of England [2].

Wadworth's Brewery, Devizes

The present Northgate Brewery was built in 1888 [3].


While 6X is the Brewer's best known beer, the company also produce other beers, including several seasonal ales.

Beers available throughout the year

  • 6X (4.1% abv)
  • Henry's Original IPA (3.6%abv)
  • Horizon - Golden Ale (4.0% abv)
  • Bishop's Tipple - Golden ale, full flavoured (5.0% abv on draught 5.5% abv in bottle)
  • Swordfish - A stronger version of the classic 6X with the addition of Pusser's Navy Rum (5.0% abv)
  • Corvus - A nitro keg stout available in 30L format with a chocolate & coffee taste and excellent creamy head

Seasonal beers

  • St George & The Dragon - Refreshing and easy drinking (Seasonal - available March & April)
  • Lily The Pink - A unique blend of golden beer and Angostura Bitters (Seasonal)
  • Red, White & Brew - A zesty hoppy golden beer brewed initially to commemorate the Jubilee and the Olympics, but back again (May–July)
  • Farmers Glory - A traditional English ale (Seasonal - available July & August 4.7% abv)
  • Malt & Hops - The only beer using fresh hops straight from the bine (Seasonal - available September & October)
  • Blunderbuss - A red Autumn ale flavoured with Elderberry (5.0% abv)
  • Old Timer - Winter ale (Seasonal - available December & January)
Shire horses, pulling a Wadworth Brewery dray. The normal use is to deliver beer to pubs in the Devizes area but, in this picture, the public are being given a ride.


6X is a popular beer in South West England, and the West Country, especially in Wiltshire where it is brewed. The "X" in 6X refers to a traditional grading system for strong beer; it was first brewed in 1921.[1] In 2007, 6X won the Daily Telegraph and Cask Marque Best Of British Beer Award for Wales and the West Country.

6X is available in draught cask, keg, can and bottle formats. The brand is the ale sponsor of Bath Rugby and also the West of England Premier League (WEPL).


Wadworths still use traditional shire horses to deliver their casked ale to local pubs in Devizes. The radius of the operation is roughly 5 miles square; beyond the 5 mile radius, motor vehicles are used. The ale can be delivered in metal or wooden barrels.

The brewery owns two horses (Monty and Max) which are stabled at the brewery and the horses receive 2 weeks' holiday every year in a nearby village. As well as delivering ale, the horses also compete in shows and events throughout the country. The sight of the shire horses is well known in Devizes and has become a defining image for the town.[citation needed] They are featured often in local press and have featured in many programmes such as Countryfile.[citation needed]

Wadworth is one of only four breweries in the UK that still use horses to deliver ale, one of four that has an in-house cooper and the last brewery whose in-house master cooper makes nothing but barrels.

Wadworth recently unveiled an interactive Visitor Centre and gift shop at the brewery. Tours of the brewery can be taken and include a tutored tasting of the Wadworth range as well as cooperage demonstrations and visits to the shire horses and sign-writing shop (subject to availability).

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