Wagan Land

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Wagan Land
WagyanLand frontcover.png
Family Computer version box art
Composer(s)Yoshie Arakawa
Platform(s)Family Computer, Game Gear, mobile phone
  • JP: February 9, 1989

Wagan Land[a] is a 1989 platform video game developed and published for the Family Computer by Namco. A port for the Game Gear was released in 1991.


Wagan shooting sound wave projectiles at enemies.

The player character, Wagan, has the ability to temporarily stun his enemies with sound waves shaped like the noises "Wah" (ワッ) and "Gah" (ギャー, Gyā). Enemies cannot be destroyed with Wagan's sound waves, but the player can stand over one while it is stunned. When the player picks up a Waganizer, the sound effects shot by Wagan will become bigger with each increment, allowing the player to stun enemies for longer periods. When a four Waganizers are collected, Wagan will become invincible for a limited period, increasing his walking speed and allowing him to defeat enemies by touching them. However, Wagan will revert to his initial sound effect attack once the invincibility effect wears off. There is no energy gauge in; if the player touches an enemy or falls into a trap, they will lose a single life.

The objective of the game is to reach the end of each action scene by making the best use of Wagan's sound wave attacks and jumping ability. The player must confront a boss at the end of certain stages, but instead of actually fighting the boss in battle, the player is challenged to a mini-game where they must score more points than their opponent.

Other appearances[edit]

  • Marvel Land (1989 - AC, GEN)
  • Namco Museum Vol. 3 (1996 - PS)
  • WarioWare D.I.Y. (2009 - DS, Wii)
  • Famista 2011 (2011 - 3DS)
  • Project X Zone 2 (2016 - 3DS)
  • Dragon Tactics (2016 - iOS and Android)
  • Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Daikassen (2017 - iOS and Android)



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