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Wai Wai Instant Noodles
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Produced byThai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd.

Wai Wai (Thai: ไวไว, pronounced [wāj wāj] ) is a brand of instant noodles produced by the Thai Preserved Food Factory, Co., Ltd. (TPFF) in Thailand[1] and by the Chaudhary Group in Nepal.[2] The brand has been produced in Thailand since 1972 by Thai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd.[3] The company's managing director since 1998 has been Pricha Napapruekchat, the eldest son of the founder.[4]

In 1984, the Chaudhary Group, in collaboration with TPFF, introduced Wai Wai instant brown noodles to Nepal.[5]


TPFF was founded in Thailand in 1972 by Surin Napapruekchat and seven other families.[4]

In Nepal, the Chaudhary Group built a Wai Wai noodle factory in Kathmandu in 1984 in technical collaboration with TPFF. Its initial capacity was 120 packets per minute. Today, it is 2,100 packets per minute or 40,000 tonnes per year.[6]

TPFF has factories on 99 rai in tambons Om Yai and Rai Khing in the Sam Phran District of Nakhon Pathom Province and will build another in Ratchaburi.


TPFF posted revenues of 6.54 billion baht in 2017 and expects that number to rise to 10 billion baht within the next five to ten years. TPFF claims a Thailand market share exceeding 30 percent. The instant noodle market leader is the MAMA brand from Thai President Foods.[4]


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