Waiting for Normal

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Waiting for Normal is a young adult novel by Leslie Connor.


A neglected sixth-grader, Addie, has just moved into a trailer with her troubled mother. Once she has gotten over the move, Addie befriends some girls at school and a large lady named Soula who runs the minimart. Time passes, and Addie's stepfather and two half-sisters visit less frequently than she'd like.

Suddenly, her mother gets involved in a romantic relationship, though she doesn't say so at first, and vanishes for days, sometimes weeks at a time, leaving Addie alone. Soon Addie's mother reveals that she is pregnant, despite their poor living conditions and financial situation. During one of her mother's disappearances, Addie accidentally sets the RV on fire, which leads Soula to call social services. Soon after, Soula dies of breast cancer, which causes Addie much grief. Social services briefly place Addie with her grandfather before she happily agrees to be adopted by her stepfather and his new fiancee. The novel ends with Addie living with Dwight and his family.