Wake (Trio Töykeät album)

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Studio album by Trio Töykeät
Released 2005
Genre Jazz
Label Blue Note
Trio Töykeät chronology
High Standards

Wake is a jazz album by Trio Töykeät that was released in 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Perfect Makeout Music"
  2. "Voyage"
  3. "End of the First Set"
  4. "Final Fantasy"
  5. "In a Sentimental Mood"
  6. "Almost"
  7. "Beba"
  8. "You and Me"
  9. "Third Ball"
  10. "Sir Vival"
  11. "Insane in Seine"

All songs composed by Iiro Rantala except track 2 by Kenny Barron, track 5 by Duke Ellington, track 8 by Eerik Siikasaari and tracks 6 and 10 by Rami Eskelinen.