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Walhalla Cricket Ground, c. 1906

The Walhalla Cricket Ground is a landmark in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia. Linked by a walking track from Walhalla Road, the cricket ground is perched at the top of a hill, because that was the only flat land that the early townsfolk could find for sporting activities.[1] It is claimed that the half-hour climb up the hill to reach the ground, in conjunction with the long trip to Walhalla itself, ensured a home advantage.[2]

In the heyday of Walhalla's goldmining era, the ground was used for organised sporting events, including those of the Walhalla Football Association. Since large-scale mining stopped in 1910, the ground has largely been a tourist destination and curiosity, though it remained the site of occasional social cricket matches. It is referenced in Weddings Parties Anything's song "The Ghosts of Walhalla".

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