Walk Away (Funeral for a Friend song)

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"Walk Away"
Single by Funeral for a Friend
from the album Tales Don't Tell Themselves
Released 23 July 2007
Genre Alternative rock
Length 3:48
Label Atlantic
Writer(s) Kris Coombs, Gareth Ellis-Davies, Matthew Davies-Kreye, Ryan Richards, Darran Smith
Funeral for a Friend singles chronology
"Into Oblivion (Reunion)"
"Walk Away"
"Waterfront Dance Club"

"Walk Away" is the second single and ninth track from the Funeral for a Friend album Tales Don't Tell Themselves, and reached number 40 in the UK Charts.[1]

Music video[edit]

The video is about a fisherman who goes missing. It follows his wife and daughter both breaking down. The video ends with the mother realising she cannot go on like this and trying to continue with her life. There are also scenes of Davies singing on a couch.[1]

The video was filmed on location in the town of Whitstable on the north Kent coast in April 2007. The interior scenes were shot in another house on the seafront, not the house shown on the external shot.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Walk Away"
  2. "In A Manner Of Sleep (Home Demo)"

7" coloured vinyl / gatefold sleeve (ATUK068):

  1. "Walk Away"
  2. "Into Oblivion (Haunts Remix)"

7" shaped picture disc (ATUK068X):

  1. "Walk Away"
  2. "Africa (Home Demo)"


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