Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill

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Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill is an iPhone application designed by Untravel Media, based on the Parkman–Webster murder case, where John White Webster was accused of the murder of George Parkman. The case was the first one to use the budding science of forensics. The iPhone application was recognized to be the first iPhone application to be accepted to a major film festival,[1] based on the PBS documentary, Murder at Harvard.[2] The application is a mixed-reality storytelling experience, combining a roughly one-mile walk with audio, video,[3] a live map and location-based adventures[4] to guide participants through the story.[5]

Cast and crew[edit]

Name Role
Michael Epstein Writer, Director
Eric Stange Writer, Collaborating Director
Caitlin Mailly Producer
Laura Pirano Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Art Director, Digital Effects, Animator
Sasha Mandel Original Music, Sound Editor
Michael Born Map Animation and Renderings
Raizlabs Application Design and Software Development
Susi Walsh Project Coordinator
Brooke Scibelli Production Assistant
Alexandra McDougall Narrator
Paul Logan, Jr. Additional Voices
S. Parkman “Parkie” Shaw Descendent of George Parkman
Ronald Story Historian
Karen Halttunen Historian


Stops on the tour[edit]



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