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Walter Barshai (born 1955) is a Russian author, scientist and humanitarian, and the founder of the Tairus [1] Research and Production facility within the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Barshai was born in Moscow, Russia, a son of a famed musician, Rudolf Barshai and painter, Anna Martinson, daughter of a famed Russian Comic Sergey Martinson, but emigrated to the West in 1972. He is a theoretical physicist and the author of a work on the implications of the uncertainty principle on the spontaneous growth of hydrothermal crystals [2] He was the recipient of an honorary award from Russian Academy of Sciences for his contribution to the Russian Science (2005). He is also a classical music producer, recordings including Mahler 5th Symphony with JDP,[3]"Richter: last Orchestra performance", Brahms, "Zeltser plays Rachmaninoff", Lokshin and a publisher ("Selected Art Works of Anna Martinson", poetry, etc.).