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Walter Frank Chmela
Born (1926-05-28)May 28, 1926
Vienna, Austria
Occupation Engineer and Aviator
Spouse(s) Edith Chmela ( deceased ) remarried to Eva Chmela
Children Glenn Gary Walter Mathew Chmela

Walter Frank Chmela, (born 28 May 1926) is an Austrian Canadian aviator. He has set many Canadian records in the field of soaring. He has been a leading promoter of the sport of soaring in Canada.

Early years in Austria[edit]

At age 14 he did his first solo glider flight and gained his Glider Pilot License in 1943. He studied engineering at the University of Vienna. Upon graduation he worked in the reconstruction. In 1950 he moved to Toronto, Canada.

Life in Canada[edit]

After working in the engineering field for several years he formed his own company, Indesco international Ltd. He would operate this company until 1995.

Canadian aviation involvement[edit]

When he arrived in Canada, Walter co-founded a gliding club. Because they needed tow pilots he gained a pilot's license and bought a Taylorcraft Auster.[1] Later he founded the York Soaring Association in Toronto, funding much of the club including the land for the airfield, the hangars, gliders and tow planes. Walter has also been instrumental in organizing gliding camps for the Canadian Air Cadets, more than 500 Cadets have benefited from these camps over the years.[2]

Gliding Records[edit]

  • Single Seat Absolute Altitude record, 12,449m (41,000'ASL), 1974
  • Multi Seat Absolute Altitude record, 10,390m (35,000'ASL), 1975
  • Multi Seat Speed Closed Circuit Out and Return record, 65kmph, 1976

Awards and honours[edit]


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