Walter Forbes, 18th Lord Forbes

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for the American businessman, see Walter Forbes
The grave of Walter Forbes, Lord Forbes, Brompton Cemetery, London

Walter Forbes, 18th Lord Forbes (29 May 1798 – 2 May 1868) was a Scottish peer. He was the son of James Ochoncar Forbes, 17th Lord Forbes and Elizabeth Hunter. He served as one of the youngest officers, of the line during the Battle of Waterloo as a member of the Coldstream Guards. Soon after the war he built the new Forbes Castle, in Alford, Aberdeenshire, in 1815.

His first wife was Horatia Shaw, (19 May 1799 – 24 December 1864), she was the 7th dau. of Sir Gregory Shaw, 5th Bart. born (25 July 1756 - d. 28 October 1831) & Theodsia Margaret Monson, born (Sept.20,1762 – 24 October 1847). They married on 31 January 1825. They had three children:

  • Hon. Horace Courtenay Gammel Forbes, 19th Lord Forbes (24 February 1823 – 23 June 1914)
  • Hon. Charles Murray Hay Forbes, (13 March 1830 – 17 May 1874)
  • Hon. Atholl Monson Forbes, 20th Lord Forbes, (15 February 1841 – 31 January 1916)

Walter Forbes, 18th Lord Forbes, second wife was Louisa Ormond; she was the second daughter of James Ormond of Abingdon. Berks. & Elizabeth Gordon. Louisa Ormond and Walter Forbes, 18th Lord Forbes, married on 4 April 1864. They had two children.

  • Hon. Walter Robert Drummond Forbes, (14 April 1865 – 18 April 1924) J.P. Aberdeen. He married Eveline Louisa Michell, daughter of Fredrick Cooper Farwell.
  • Hon. Montagu Ormond Forbes, (5 May 1866 – 12 January 1937). He married on 21 April 1894 to Helen Campbell, eldest daughter of William Henry Campbell, of 30 Lancaster Gate, London.

Note the above Baroness Louisa (Ormond) Forbes, is not to be confused with the Lady Louisa Francis Ormond, who was married on 20 April 1854,to William John Cuninghame-Cuninghame Captain 79th Highlanders,Lord of Bridgehouse & Lainshaw. This Louisa Francis Ormond was the dau. of John Ormond of Bath,died 1862. Reference *4 Her husband was nominated by the Marquis of Exeter, to be One of Her Majesty's Honourable Corp of Gentlemen At Arms. During the reign of Queen Victoria. They had 5 children.

He is buried near the south end of the western path leading from the north entrance to the central buildings in Brompton Cemetery in London.