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Walter J. Husak (born 27 May 1942[1]) is the owner of an aerospace-part manufacturing company in Burbank, California.

On February 15, 2008, Heritage Auctions sold his collection of 301 rare cents that dated back from 1793 to 1814 at an event held in Long Beach, California[2]. Two of the cents went for $632,500 a piece. The entire collection sold for approximately $10.7 million.[3][4]

Walter Husak began collecting coins in 1955 when he was spending a summer in Iowa at his grandparents’ farm. Mr. Husak purchased his first large cent in June, 1980 - an 1804 large cent. In 1986, he purchased his first Sheldon-13. At the end of 1994, he decided to try to collect all of the Sheldon varieties, and over the next decade built one of the most important Sheldon collections in the world.[5]


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