Walter Wirth Lake

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Walter Wirth Lake
Anglers at Walter Wirth Lake.JPG
Location Salem, Oregon
Coordinates 44°54.6′N 122°59.4′W / 44.9100°N 122.9900°W / 44.9100; -122.9900Coordinates: 44°54.6′N 122°59.4′W / 44.9100°N 122.9900°W / 44.9100; -122.9900
Type Quarry Lake
Primary inflows Mill Creek
Primary outflows Mill Creek
Basin countries United States
Surface area 20.56 acres (83,200 m2)
Islands 0.34-acre (1,400 m2) unnamed
References [1][2]

Walter Wirth Lake (aka Lake Wirth) is a lake in Salem, Oregon, United States. Walter Wirth Lake is wholly contained within Cascades Gateway Park. The park and lake began development in 1957 with the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce working with the State Highway Department to convert a gravel burrow pit into a park. Original development of the park included a swimming area, paddle boats, a children's zoo, and concession stands. In 1976 a Department of Environmental Quality study determined the lake to be suffering the effects from upstream polluters closing the lake to swimming. Since that time the lake has held numerous programs in canoeing, sailing, and fishing, it is now open for swimming again.[1]

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