Wanderers Cricket Club

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Wanderers Cricket Club
Sports Cricket
Founded 1877
League Barbados Cricket Association Elite, Intermediate, 2nd Division
Home ground Wanderers Ground
Colours      Maroon,      Gold
President Prof Edwards
Website http://www.wandererscc.com

Wanderers Cricket Club is a Barbadian cricket club. The club plays in the Barbados Cricket Association Elite Division, the highest division of domestic cricket in Barbados.[1] A multi-sport club, Wanderers also possesses a masters football team and a hockey team.

Club History[edit]

Wanderers is the oldest existing cricket club in Barbados. The club was founded in 1877 with its initial membership drawn from the social elite of the colony, and exclusively white.[2] The club had a strong rivalry with Pickwick Cricket Club, another white club, but one which drew its membership from a slightly lower social class. Changes in Barbadian society meant that from the 1960s onwards, the membership of Wanderers gradually came to reflect the general Barbadian population.[3]


The club originally played at the Bay Land until moving to Dayrells Road, Christ Church, Barbados in 1952.[2]


Some notable international cricketers from Wanderers include:


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