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Wani Books Co., Ltd.
Kabushiki gaisha
Industry Books, magazines, manga
Founded 1979
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Website www.wani.co.jp

Wani Books Co., Ltd. (ワニブックス株式会社, Wani Bukkusu Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese publishing company focused on manga-related publication, including magazines and books. The company was established in November 1979.[1] It publishes one manga magazine Comic Gum.[2]

Magazines published[edit]

Wink Up[edit]

Wink Up (ウインク アップ, uinku appu) is an idol magazine published since July 1988.

UP to boy[edit]

UP to boy (アップトゥボーイ, apputubōi), abbreviated as UTB, is a bimonthly idol magazine published since 1986.



Comic Gum[edit]

Comic Gum (コミックガム) is a monthly seinen manga magazine started in 1996.


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