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For the 1928 film, see Warming Up (1928 film). For the 1983 film, see Warming Up (1983 film).

Warming Up is a long-running daily blog and podcast, written by British comedian and writer Richard Herring. A substantial entry has been made every day since 25 November 2002 and on audio each day since 22 June 2011.[1]

Herring originally wanted to use the exercise to help him overcome his writer’s block and to kick-start a day of writing. The blog documents moments from his daily life and his reflections upon them, often as practice for his job of writing humorous material.

Some subjects covered in Warming Up are often reframed in Herring's weekly Metro newspaper column. Similarly, some of the ideas written in his blog have been used in his live stand up shows since 2005. It also proved a useful source for his 2010 book How Not To Grow Up.

In 2005, Herring attempted to convert Warming Up into a sitcom called Blog but it was not commissioned. The pilot script can be seen in The Box Lady and Other Pesticles (see below).

From 20 February 2014 Richard chose a blog each week to read as a segment fellow presenter Lou Sanders named 'Dicky's Diary' for The Richard Herring Show on Fubar Radio.

The blog has a regular readership of over 3,000.

In print[edit]

Bye Bye Balham is the first printed volume of Herring's blog consisting of the two hundred days of the blog with annotated notes giving further context to many of the entries.[2] It was released in December 2008 by the cult comedy publishing company Go Faster Stripe.

The Box Lady and Other Pesticles is the second volume. It was released in December 2012 as an ebook with a limited print of physical books. It contains Herring's aborted script for a Warming Up television show and another six months of the blog, again with annotations with further context.[3]


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