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Warpcon is Cork's biggest gaming convention, and Ireland's largest student-run gaming convention. Beginning in 1991, it is run every year, during the last weekend of January.[1][2]

WARPS (the UCC Wargaming And RolePlaying Society) is the organiser of the event and has grown it from a small student event into one of the biggest conventions in the country.

Each year, there are dozens of RPGs from a plethora of systems, CCGs, HeroClix, tabletop wargaming, LARPS and more games run each day of the weekend.

Warpcon also has a world-renowned charity auction where all manner of things are sold, including signed first-edition or pre-publication books, slots to appear as drawn by John Kovalic in a Steve Jackson Games card game or in Dork Tower, rare collectible cards, Jayne Cobb's hat (as worn by Adam Baldwin from the TV show Firefly), and even the first ever My Little Cthulhu toy and more are among the things sold in auctions.

Warpcon was a joint winner, along with Gaelcon, of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming for the charity auctions run each year.[3] Warpcon is also famous for its Saturday night Club Warpcon event where the convention sells tickets to a private night club in Cork city.

During Warpcon, on the lower grounds of University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork, the UCC Medieval Renaissance society runs The Battle of the Flags event. The 'Flags', as it is commonly known is the 'rebated steel' medieval combat competition open to anyone who has fought or trained with the society previously. Though the rules change from year to year, up to twelve teams of up to eight fighters take each other on in a melee. The aim is to capture as many other teams flags as possible, by tagging each member of the opposing teams with 'kill shots'.[4]

Each year there are a variety of special guests from a range of different backgrounds. Warpcon 17 saw the return of John Kovalic as one of Warpcon's esteemed guests, and also saw Gar Hanrahan, a Cork native GM who has recently begun working for Pelgrane Press as a dedicated scenario writer. Warpcon 18 special guests included John Kovalic and gameworkshop's Jervis Johnson. Warpcon 19 special guests included John Kovalic and Stargate's David Nykl.

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