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Warrant may refer to:

  • Warrant (law), a form of specific authorization
    • Arrest warrant, authorizing the arrest and detention of an individual
    • Search warrant, a court order issued that authorizes law enforcement to conduct a search for evidence
  • Warrant (philosophy), a proper justification for holding a belief
  • Quo warranto, a writ requiring the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right or power (or "franchise") they claim to hold

Business law / guarantee[edit]

  • Warrant sale, a statutory means of collecting debts in Scotland until 2001
  • Collateral warranty, gives a third party rights in an existing contract
  • Dock warrant, a document by which holder of goods at a maritime dock certifies that the warrant holder is entitled to goods
  • Extended warranty, a goods/service maintenance agreement
  • Home warranty, home appliance service maintenance agreement
  • Implied warranty, presumed assurances made in the sale of products or real property
  • Track warrant, railroad line permission for a train's use of the main line
  • Warrant of Fitness, New Zealand assurance certifying a motor vehicle
  • Warranty deed, real estate deed giving assurance of clear title and right to sell
  • Warranty tolling, extending a product warranty period
  • Warranty, a business transaction assurance




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