Warren Smith (jazz trombonist)

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Warren Smith (May 17, 1908 in Middlebourne, West Virginia – August 28, 1975 in Santa Barbara, California) was an American jazz trombonist.

Smith played piano from age seven, and learnet cornet and saxophone before settling on trombone. He started out in the territory band Harrison's Texans in the 1920s, then followed with an extended run in Abe Lyman's employ in the 1930s. He worked with Bob Crosby late in the 1940s before returning to work with Lyman briefly. Moving to Chicago, he worked with Bud Jacobson and Bob Scobey, then worked on the West Coast with Jess Stacy and Lu Watters. In 1955 he toured with Duke Ellington, then played with Joe Darensbourg from 1957 to 1960. In the 1960s he worked with Wild Bill Davison and Red Nichols.