Wartha (Eisenach)

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Church in Wartha.

Wartha is a town in the subdivision of Wartha-Göringen which forms part of the independent-city district of Eisenach in Thuringia state, Germany.

Near Wartha was a former major road border crossing on the Inner German border between East and West Germany. The crossing was known as Herleshausen-Wartha, with Herleshausen being the first town across the border in Hesse.

Neighboring municipalities and cities[edit]

To the west of Wartha is the Hessian town Herleshausen. To the north and the east are the towns of Neuenhof and Hörschel while Göringen in the south.


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Coordinates: 50°59′45″N 10°12′14″E / 50.99583°N 10.20389°E / 50.99583; 10.20389