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The Washington Bar Association (WBA) is a voluntary bar association located in the Washington, District of Columbia area, whose members are predominantly African-American attorneys.

The Washington Bar Association was founded in 1925 by a group of prominent African-American attorneys, including Charles Hamilton Houston, George E.C. Hayes, and J. Franklin Wilson.[1]

The WBA was created simultaneously with the National Bar Association, and is an affiliate chapter of the NBA.[2]

The WBA works to advance Houstonian jurisprudence, defined as "Social change through application of laws governing equal rights, due process, and other legal principles." [2]

The organization serves to protect and advance the interests of its members and of all African-Americans as they navigate a social and judicial system in which disparate treatment of minorities continues to occur.[2]

In 1975, the WBA established the tradition of awarding the Houston Medallion of Merit to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to Charles Hamilton Houston's ideals and jurisprudence. This award is presented at the WBA's annual Law Day Gala. [3]


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