Washington Irving High School (West Virginia)

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Washington Irving High School is a public secondary school located Clarksburg, West Virginia. The school operated as a high school from 1914 until 1995. Since 1996 it has operated as a middle school (6th-8th grade).[1]

Better known as WI the school mascot is the Hilltopper. The school's colors are blue and gold. The school is named after Washington Irving, a 19th-century American author and historian.[2]


When WI opened in 1914 it was an all white school. It continued to be until the end of segregation in 1956 when the doors of Kelly Miller High School (Clarksburg's black school) were closed for good.

Notable alumni include the ESPN broadcaster Mike Patrick, and Sam Ellis former manager for Meat Loaf.


Coordinates: 39°16′42″N 80°20′33″W / 39.2783°N 80.34261°W / 39.2783; -80.34261