Wasted Years (Wally Fowler song)

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"Wasted Years" is a 1960 gospel song by Wally Fowler. Although taking credit for the song, the song was not actually written by Fowler, but by Albert Williams, Fowler's pianist with the John Daniel Quartet.[1][2]



  1. ^ They Heard Georgia Singing - Zell Miller - 1996 Page 113 "He wrote Eddy Arnold's first million-selling song, "That s How Much I Love You"; the gospel classic "Wasted Years," which has been recorded by fifty-six gospel groups and individuals and which Elvis Presley was scheduled to revive at the time of his death; and, with Warren Roberts, "May the Lord Bless You Real Good,"."
  2. ^ Russ Cheatham - Bad Boy of Gospel Music: The Calvin Newton Story 2003- Page 180 "In 1960, Wally Fowler was still the most powerful person in southern gospel music. His all-night ... Fowler was a classic entrepreneur, always looking for good business opportunities. He was ... “Wally pitched us a song called 'Wasted Years ... Finally, in August 2000 it was revealed at the Grand Old Gospel Reunion that Albert Williams, an employee of Fowler's, actually wrote the song. Williams had formerly played piano with the John Daniel Quartet when Fowler sang with the group"
  3. ^ Bad Boy of Gospel Music: The Calvin Newton Story - Page 182 Russ Cheatham -"“Wasted Years” was released as a single before the album was issued and was by far the biggest hit of all the Sons' records. The tune not only got extensive airplay on radio stations of all sizes, but also garnered a lot of jukebox play, a rarity ...