Wat Boston Buddha Vararam

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Wat Boston Buddha Vararam

Wat Boston Buddha Vararam (Abbreviated BBVT) is a Thai Theravada Buddhist Temple or Wat located in Bedford, Massachusetts. It is one of two Thai Buddhist Temples in Massachusetts, the other being Wat Nawamintararachutis.

The main community at Wat Boston includes Thai and Laos.

Wat Boston Buddha Vararam was started as a small house in Malden, Massachusetts by Phra Ajan Kitti, and now is expanded to 125 North Road, Bedford Massachusetts. Phra Ajan Maha Kamolpetch Pinijkarn is the Abbot.

Unlike Wat Nawamintararachutis, Wat Boston is famous for the lack of an Executive Buddhist Panel to decide all affairs of the temple.

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Coordinates: 42°30′3.6″N 71°16′55.7″W / 42.501000°N 71.282139°W / 42.501000; -71.282139