Water Street (album)

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Water Street
Water Street (album).jpg
Studio album by Sweatshop Union
Released August 5, 2008
Genre Hip hop
Producer Sweatshop Union
Sweatshop Union chronology
United We Fall
Water Street
The Bill Murray EP
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
PopMatters 8/10 link
The Boston Phoenix 4/5 link

Water Street is a 2008 album by Canadian hip hop group Sweatshop Union.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Now"-2:50
  2. "Goldrush"-3:28
  3. "Oh My"-3:52
  4. "Time Machine" (feat. Mat the Alien)-3:36
  5. "So Tired"-3:45
  6. "Blah Blah Blah"-0:58
  7. "Comes & Goes"-4:28
  8. "Jeers"-2:50
  9. "Pot of Stew"-2:39
  10. "Mashed Potatoes" (feat. Evil)-2:19
  11. "High Grade"-3:33
  12. "Cities of Gods"-2:48
  13. "Shoot Low" (feat. Moka Only)-3:54
  14. "Itchy Back"-1:42
  15. "Gutter Ball"-1:11
  16. "It's Alright"-3:44
  17. "Never Go Home"-1:14
  18. "Sunnyside Motel"-3:00
  19. "Timelines"-3:10
  20. "Moose"-3:36
  21. "Said and Done"-3:30
  22. "So Many People"-3:59
  23. "Dig a Grave"-7:37


Credits for Water Street adapted from liner notes.